2018 Ibrahim Governance Weekend highlights

oh yeah oh yeah Kaku Michio Kaku Buddha para que I'm cool Oh brother sisters welcome to Kigali and thank you really for coming all the way from far to read us a bit in our conversation and celebration of governance leadership here leadership is both a privilege and a duty it is best measured in terms of concrete results that citizens can feel in their everyday lives as well as in the level of trust that they have in public institutions how each evening have inspired and given confidence to millions of women in public service may I just a slight amendment not only an inspiration to me women but also to men as the first woman to receive this award it is my hope that women and girls across Africa will be inspired to break through barriers to push back the frontiers of possibilities where there's the first there will be a second and a third and a fourth [Applause] that we cannot manage our worth to deal with our poverty is he it's a defining issue if you take a youth commitment to anti-corruption ogp Africa no GP countries offer an opportunity to turn that so it's not rhetoric so it's not empty words after an actual with civil society and we have we are like an implementation and accountability arm of these commitments when you are in the public service you have to know that there's a part of sacrificing its you cannot avoid that that you cannot escape that what we found yesterday were young people said public servants from Rwanda from Kenya from Botswana from Mauritius standing up and saying and my colleagues will bear witness that they were proud to be public servants and they would always be public servants what we're asking for is to have the decisions that affect the youth and people who are affected first from public from service delivery our young people so how come the youth are not in those spaces to take the decisions for them we thought is really important to hear the views of young people all to always talk about the importance of including young people in the conversation because the conversation after all is about your future looking at this country looking at where Africa is looking at our governance looking at the kind of leadership that we have and where which wanna translate from – it's time that we give importance to this kind of message so I think being here and for more to do this is quite amazing for that Africa [Applause] [Applause] week after more Ibrahim for everything year let me see your hands up in the air poke more Ibrahim right now thank you very much you have a good time yes yeah you

Maurice Vega

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