2012 (R) Embarrasses Himself On CNN

this and so the first brought to you by
square space the misinform is claiming brocco batboy obama has only created two
hundred forty million jobs now i don’t even know if that’s true but
send torre says obama passed a huge stimulus package that now we know over
the past two quarters is actually cost american jobs and that’s from the report
of his own administration they claimed in december the by the end
of last year they created two hundred eighty million jobs and now they’re
saying they created only two hundred forty million jobs so book and this
you’re talking about huge increases in spending i’m reading it he’s going to say it but i love how what’s informs doing
unwittingly he is saying that the president has created two hundred forty
million jobs was let him say it this is a believer they leave alley dull she
this is clip number seven from c_n_n_ eye-catching erratic on that to you in financial crisis the
largest uh… in certainly in our memory and can’t be great depression at the
very at least that he made worse by the president drowning in double is that the deficit of tragedy walking up his in in in
january of the year the end of the head of the matter of fact the is matter of
fact the path is used in the package was now we know over the past two quarters that’d cost
american jobs and that’s from the address on the report of of his own
administration they claimed in december that up by the
end of last year the bakery two hundred eighty million uh… eighteen million
jobs another they’re saying they created only two hundred forty million jobs or witnesses that you’re talking about huge
increases its pageantry saying banner twenty are lucky i’ve never heard that
my life coming in to use that if you look at the report that came out
on friday presence on the economic advisors that bit the uh… jobs stimulus package
actually created fewer jobs on as we are over the over the period of time since
the uh… uh… since this team is bags when employees that it did when they
reported back in december the windsors thirty million last job doesn’t have a
total loss of jobs under nafta uh… smaller aggregation of jobs i i’m
he can’t go on a campaign a national campaign with this kind of math senator
it just incarcerated because it’s that that was not incorrect anemic planes day two hundred thirty million
jobs we say it’s not a lots of jobs that’s a sausage paradise undervalued
cap antoine reports that there were two eighty another parent reported that need
the me a lot of interviews vehemently reject that match people et cetera apart
from you again i would tell you though uh… dangerous to go around saying the
person who is getting create jobs uh… it’s a great deal aware that he
originally so that’s a very different story i’d be happy to do that saturn
when you do at the radio their report that the report says that that the job the
job portals have decreased overtime adding to your castrated than initially
thought not to be criminal loss of jobs very distinct at very very big
difference let’s not make a campaign sold at a meeting presentation i i’d be
delighted you might that be for the uh… for the guide but it’s your
campaigns and do it you know that they cannot deny right and the pain and i
left in new hampshire at work into knows a lot of banking on
their i’d like to be clear that’s not right information on their
incorrect what he is just done he he’s going intensity jobs store that’s what the
crawl said below that’s informa and his campaigns that tends to be jobs tour so
basically he’s going to have now to say how many jobs were created the fact that they originally said more jobs were
created than were created his wife sent or missing that this
president has been terrible on jobs well you can say what you want idon’t think
that that many don’t even think to a fourteen million jobs were created if
that were the case we wouldn’t have the same kind of uh… uh… unemployment
problem we have in the country but we have somebody is uninformed as rick sent
form out there for the republicans sane that they were this many jobs created
it’s only doing a favor uh… i havent you know i haven’t really dot in or my hands around what rick santorum wants to do with his
campaign michelle bachman raw a disaster for accent or he should stick
to what he does best which is exceeding gay people uh… feeding minorities
legislating away that would hurt more americans than it would help americans
but when he comes to talk about jobs young helps the president and we thank you
rick santorum for being out there as a republican talking about the job
creation to i don’t even think that you are forty million i don’t even think
obama strayed too and forty million jobs i haven’t seen those numbers anywhere
but uh… as they’ve taken down the number that the stimulus is created that does not mean that they’ve lost
jobs the just created fewer than they originally set estates easiest and fastest way to put
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you do it in june an answer from oak road feel like he’s six

Maurice Vega

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  1. @dfrutled If you open a company and you want to hire 10 people but turns out you hire 3, you lost 7 jobs, 3-7= -4, so now your company has -4 workers, i.e. there's 4 people who are paying you for not working in your company. Welcome to republican math.

  2. 240 Million jobs created? What were there 0 jobs before the stimulus or something? What type of trick is this?

  3. @luckyStrike89ru there is no fully capitalist or fully socialist market in the world and there is a reason for it. more regulation doesn't mean socialism

  4. "The stimulus created 30 million less jobs than the expected 280 million, therefore it not only did nothing, but LOST us 30 million jobs."
    ~Blathering Idiot

  5. @shadowmyfeet WTF are you talking about are you are you replied to right post? They said they created 240m, they projected 280m and didn't hit that number. What jobs were lost? The other 40m that weren't there in the first place? And it's not like he sent the jobs away.

  6. chech subtitles at 0:18

    Qoute "Brocco Batboy Obama has only created hundred forty million jobs"

    haha! xD

  7. I feel like no one knows what's going on here. We have something over 300 million people in our country, and Santorum said Obama created 240 million jobs. I don't see why people are pointing out why creating 240mil instead of 280mil would still be a net gain, when they should be pointing out the fact that these numbers don't make sense. Obviously, if anything, Santorum was talking about the total number of jobs, in which case he could be correct about the net loss.

  8. So every American over the age of 6 got a job in the last two years.. shit thats fantastic. I'm guessing the Lemonade Stands across America were doing brisk buisness.

  9. The republicans do have quite a lineup for president hopefuls, now throw in Bachman, Palin. it just couldn't get any better than this. Unfortunately it doesn't put much pressure on the worlds worst negotiator our current President Mr. pretend I care just a hair more about the middle class than the Repub's.

  10. It's worse than what any politician will tell you. Millions of people are not accounted for in the unemployment rate. Some say the real unemployment rate is closer to 20%.

  11. Wait a minute, aren't their roughly 300 million people in the USA lol. His comments were off on multiple levels.

  12. Learn the population of your country. There are 310 million people living here. You do the math. This was awful – no, painful – to watch.

  13. 240 million? Really? there are only about 300 million people in the country give or take a few million. If that figure was accurate, then nobody would be out of work and indeed we would need all those illegal aliens just to fill them. How stupid is this guy? The fact that he was elected for anything scares the hell out of me.

  14. if i said i have 5 pancakes but it turns out i only have 3 pancakes i still created more pancakes so my solution to fix the country and get out of debt is to build more pancake houses

  15. @ChristianMission Let's say all that is correct. Rick probably did make that mistake, since 240 million jobs created is ridiculous, but it's not CNN's fault. It has nothing to do with being liberal or not. If you didn't know what report he was talking about and couldn't look it up because you are on the air, you can only point out the flaw in his statement and hope he figures out what he said wrong.

  16. @dfrutled I think what he meant was that the stimulas caused the original 280million workers to shrink to 240million after the stimulas so he means theres a loss of 40million which is actually correct but he said it totally wrong. USA pop is 307mil so he doesn't believe that before Obama's stimulas that only roughly say 10% of Americans were working while 90% were doing nothing lol.

  17. 240 million jobs huh… Well Santorum is a genius so he must have really meant to say something intelligent.

  18. @mardi06 You do not know the difference between mispeaking and lack of knowledge, do you? You didn't notice how he insisted did you? You didn't notice that they corrected him on the show and he still insisted?

    I love how you every time there's a gaffe a repub stands up and says "remember 57 states". Seriously, check out my comment history.

    You're so fucking stupid … all I can do is imagine kicking you up and down the street for hours at a time. Seriuosly …. seriously.

  19. Haha thar reporter doesnt get it. These people lie about what was created even if is off by a few million, its still a lie. Big headed dipshit.

  20. Am I hearing these guys right? Am I not getting this? Because I just heard them all say that Obama created 280 or 240 million jobs. Thats close to our current population! (310 million). That's insane! How is that even possible? They must have screwed up, they must have meant 24 or 28 million or 2.4 or 2.8 mil. What am I missing?

  21. Does santorum realize that there's a difference between 280 million and 280 thousand,280 million jobs would get me elected.PLEASE young turks,put up as much of his 10 (or 10000) city job tour as you can.And everybody,GET YOUR DECIMAL POINTS RIGHT. Maybe Santorum will quit his tour like Palin,after,say 4000 cities.What a useless idiot.Unfit to take out my trash.

  22. Don't you just hate it when your old lady wants a hot night of ass sex then you wake up in the morning with santorum all over your sheets! Bugs me out.

  23. Million? This guy is a fucking idiot.

    Obama did double the deficit by his choice. He decided to waste the money on programs that did not create one goddamn job. He is a train wreck.

  24. Jobs created by decade-

    1970s –19.6 million

    1980s –18.3 million

    1990s –21.6 million

    2000-2007——- 7.2 million

    Job loss in this country started before last year. No one saw the trend coming.

  25. What we will NEVER hear from Santorum and the rest of these shithead Conservatives are SOLUTIONS for driving unemployment down and turning this economy around. Notice how Santorum didn't bother to offer up anything but cheap attacks in his little propaganda segment there. NOT ONE SINGLE SOLUTION. Zero. Nada. He's all hat and no cattle, which is why that piece of shit deserves a roundhouse to his fucking dome.

  26. Hmmmm…..300 million people in the country (80 something percent who already had job) + 240 million new jobs = I am the only person in the country not working two or three jobs right now.

  27. the american workforce is only like 150 million people… so 240 million would OVERSOLVE the problem…. ur not very smart

  28. Alright, it is safe to say that everyone who sits in front of a camera is incapable of math. Were they perhaps mistaking thousand with million? Who the fuck knows…..

  29. @ChristianMission no you are so hate filled that you cant see what should be common sense. If you say you are going to create im gonna say 2.8mil because i know theres no way it was 280mil. anyway if you say you will create 2.8mil and you only happen to create 2.4mil that doesnt mean that you lost 400,000 jobs. that means you failed to meet your goal.

  30. @ChristianMission CNN is not a front for democrats. They have both republican and democrat representatives on the show all the time. The show is also not liberal, its progressive. But to a republican thats the same thing. You should watch the show before you criticize it .

    JULY 1, 2011

    The first page is the Executive Summary. The 3rd bullet point states–

    "CEA estimates that as of the first quarter of 2011, the ARRA has raised employment relative to what it otherwise would have been by between 2.4 and 3.6 million."

    1) He changed decimal pt 2) He increased the number 3) He took the low of a range-estimate 4) He fell flat on his face

  32. Another thing Santorum said concerning this numbers "That's 30 million less jobs."

    280 million – 240 million = a loss of 40 million … not 30 million.

    This is a face-to-palm moment all around.

  33. So according to Santorum, Obama created a number of jobs (240 million) greater than half of the entire population of the nation (308 mill on 2010 census), and wants to call that a loss of jobs??? That's laughable on a number of reasons!

  34. 240 million jobs created???
    This man must be the stupidest man in the USA!
    when you exclude minors and seniors from the population, the working population of the usa will be just over the 220 million mark, so that simple maths alone should make him think man, how stupid are some people in our planet???

  35. @notefromself I know but I was talking about the working population, about 35% of the population are either under 16 or over the retirement age(over 70), so the rest 65% of the population are the working age and mostly contribute to the taxes collected from employment, but you are right, THE REPUBLICANS ARE STUPID!

  36. there's only 307,006,550 people in the US. 240,000,000 is more jobs than our entire work force! did no one know this?

  37. this is really embarassing, there's no way in hell they more than doubled the workforce. i can't believe none of those idiots picked that up

  38. 1. It's 2.4, not 240
    2. 280 minus 240 is 40, not 30
    3. A reduced increase does not constitute a loss
    It seems Mr. Santorum needs a few math lessons.

  39. LOL campaign slogans that are incorrect,let me know of a president or any politician aside from George Washington,and that one i will vote for them

  40. Government jobs cost private sector jobs to create. Yes, Santorum here was making a mistake that is unimaginable, but he actually understands how economies work, unlike the Young Turk guy. If anyone is concerned with Rick's one stupid, inexplicable mistake, stating figures in the hundreds of millions & not understanding he was obviously mistaken, yet having corrected this by the next day & running a great campaign to tie for 1st in Iowa, see the next few posts showing DOZENS from Obomber!

  41. * Obomber (bombed Libya) pronounces corpsmen with a p, like corpse-man
    *He stated he’d been to 57 states.
    *He thinks it's better that asthma attacks be treated with a Breathalyzer
    *He remembers vividly how he gave the highest honor, the medal of honor, to a guy who'd been dead since 2006
    *He said, "On this Memorial Day, when the nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes, and I see many of them in the audience here today."

  42. *He didn't know how to say "wheeling and dealing" in "Austrian" (ignorant it’s German)
    *When his daughters were 12 and 10 he said they were 13 & 10.
    *He says on Leno that he'd been practicing bowling (always busy partying & playing) & that his bowling a 129 was like Special Olympics (he's so sensitive… NOT)
    *He said, "Somethin's stirin' in Selma, AL" (Civil Rights marches in 1964) "& (because of that) Barak Obomber Jr. was born" (4 years earlier in 1961!)

  43. These posts are from Obomber! *One day he says Iran is tiny & poses no threat to us, spending 1/100 of what we spend on the military, & the very next day, THE NEXT DAY, he says that Iran is a grave threat, has a ballistic nuclear program & supports terrorism across the region and militias in Iraq.
    *He proclaimed, "This week there was a tragedy in Kansas, 10,000 people died, a whole town destroyed (actual total who died… 11). Is this really just a gaffe? Insane!

  44. *Obomber blames Bush going into Iraq in '03 for Chavez's evil behavior when Chavez had been the leader of Venezuela since '98.
    *He tells a supposed “meaningful” family story that he had a uncle (that's how he said it, "a uncle") who was among the 1st troops to liberate Auschwitz. Sorry, Obomber, it was your great-uncle, & he went into Buchenwald. Auschwitz was liberated by the Red Army.
    *Here are couple of things he said, "Let me be absolutely clear." about; "Israel is a strong friend of Israel"

  45. *And Obomber said, "The time has changed for come!"
    We are resolved to halt the rise of privacy (He was supposed to read off the teleprompter word "piracy." He can't even read the freaking teleprompter!); "The reforms we seek (healthcare) would bring greater competition… & inefficiencies";

  46. *"There's much to celebrate form the FBI's first 100 days" (he was supposed to say years!); he once read an entire section of a teleprompter speech meant for the Irish PM to read all the way to the part where he thanks Mr. Obama!
    *On March 3, 2009, he tries to sound knowledgeable about economics, mistakenly saying, "profit to earnings ratios." I guess he meant to say price to earnings. He’s a complete ignoramus about the most important issue of our time, economics.

  47. *Remember when Obomber welcomed the Latinos to Cinco de Quatro?
    *Remember when he said about the USA that the nation that invented the automobile couldn’t walk away from it? Oops, it was invented in Germany!
    *It really cracked me up watching him mistaking the French windows at the Whitehouse for a door!
    *In '08 he repeatedly called Matt Lauer Tim, a great number of times.
    *On t.v. he sneezed right at a reporter & wiped off the guy’s paper. It was so weird.

  48. *When Leslie Stahl introduced Ron Williams TWICE, Obomber still referred to him as "Mr. Walters" after saying that he’d had a series of conversations together. Is this sheer stupidity or is he lying about having had this man’s cooperation & having had several conversations together?!
    *For God's sake, he mixed up the Jefferson's with Sanford & Son! "I'm comin' Weezy!" is what George Jefferson would have said to Louise, who he called Weezy, nothing to do with Sanford and Son.

  49. *Being from Kansas City I was livid when he said "here in St. Louis"! He called Sunrise, FL "Sunshine" & Sioux Falls, SD "Sioux City", & said the University of Texas was in Brownville (it's Brownsville). He called Eau Claire, WI a state, said that Hillary was better known to Kentucky and W. VA because she's from a nearby state (IL, where he's from, is closer is closer) & she'd have an advantage in those states that are "in the middle." The middle of what? I mean… IL BORDERS KY, for God's sake!

  50. *Obomber stated at a press conference that he didn't know the facts about a Black professor arrested but in the very same sentence, or the next, he said that the cops acted stupidly. What a perfect case of it takes one to know one.
    *One of the biggest lies he told was when referring to Medicare reimbursing a doctor for amputating a diabetic's foot 30, 40, $50,000 the surgeon is immediately reimbursed. NO, OBOMBER, DON'T LIE! Medicare will pay him/her a total of $600 for that surgery!

  51. *And speaking of medical insurance issues, Obomber LIED when he said a guy named Raditz (I think that was his name) died because the insurance co. stopped his treatment in midstream. NO, they delayed it 3 weeks because of an unreported gallstone issue. He died 4 years later after the insurance co. paid for an expensive stem cell treatment that kept him alive far longer than was ever expected.
    * He said, "The bomb that fell on Pearl Harbor."

  52. *When asked about a trip he was making overseas as to whether it was to give him foreign affairs credits he said it was to have "subsanive" (his word) discussions… with people who he expects to be dealing with over the next 8-10 years. Huh? How long? Wow, looks like he thinks he’ll be occupying the White House (very part time) for a little longer than expected.
    *Btw, only Ed Koch, former NY City mayor, says “uhhh” more than Obomber when not reading a teleprompter or saying a canned speech.

  53. *Remember him not placing his hand on his heart during the National Anthem while all of the other Democrat candidates did?
    *Remember him saying that he wouldn’t wear an American flag pin, only worn by all of the other candidates proud of America?
    * Then, recently in late 2011, he took out the words "under God" when quoting the pledge of allegiance.

  54. * I’ll never forget him not doing anything when his evil Justice Dept. head, Eric Holder, a murderer of who knows how many with the criminally insane “Fast and Furious” program of giving thousands of weapons & billions of dollars to the mass-murdering Mexican drug cartels, forced career investigators to stop their prosecution of the Black Panthers who’d blocked the voting area in ’08, scaring off White voters.
    * On Nov 13, 2011 he called Hawaii Asia.

  55. * Oh, I remember when Obomber said in an interview with George Stephanopoulos "my Muslim faith" & having to be corrected.
    * On Feb 16, '11 & again in a speech on a bridge connecting Ohio & Kentucky he said Lincoln built the "Intercontinental Railroad" in the during the Civil War. Between what continents was it built? Lincoln helped build the "Trans"continental railroad.
    *He stated emphatically, "this isn't about the politics of the moment, this has to do with what we can get done right now."

  56. * When talking to a crowd about his health care, Obomber stated that employers would save 3,000%! Hmm. Wouldn't 100% be all of it? I didn't know that employers could save $120,000 per employee for health care costs. That's some plan!
    * He stated that McCain was running for Bush's 4th term.

  57. * At a healthcare talk Obomber stated that FedEx & UPS were doing just fine, that it's the Post Office that's always having problems. How incredibly dumb is it for the guy to use a perfect example for why we should NOT do what he was trying to tell us would be good, to start a one-size-fits-all, federally controlled, welfare, monopoly healthcare system?!

  58. * At a press conference regarding the Stimulus (failed) plan Obomber stated that he'd spoken to all of the former presidents. Huh? He tries to correct himself by saying "living" presidents but that he'd not wanted to get into a Nancy Reagan kind of seance thing. It was Hillary who'd had seances to contact Eleanor Roosevelt, you freaking dope-head!
    * I'll never forget how he didn’t shut up during the entire playing of the British national anthem that was playing for the Queen. It was stupid!

  59. * After George Stephanopoulos said Obomber's critics were calling the payments we HAVE to pay for the damn Obombercare law, “a tax,” Obomber denies this! But his Justice Dept. in court has had to call it a tax, otherwise it's simply the govt. forcing us to buy something which is totally, unmistakably against the Constitution!

  60. None of this compares to Obomber & Holder directing “Fast & Furious, a program that provided thousands of weapons to Mexican drug cartels who murdered at least one American drug enforcement agent so far about whom we know!

  61. He meant to say two point four million, not 240 million. This was early in the campaign after a 5 year break from political speaking. He's done excellent since this. As I've pointed out below, Obomber has made many dozen really foolish, stupid mistakes. Far worse would be if he died and we had Biden. Biden makes incredibly stupid mistake LITERALLY EVERY TIME HE SPEAKS! Who do you want in office, a man who is destroying America or a one who will save it? Wouldn't you say that's the issue?

  62. Ok so Rick Santorum is an Idiot.. we all know that!

    But this Young Turk guy is repeatedly saying "240 MILLION JOBS" and didn't have the sense to say hmm more jobs than the workforce population…
    BOTH of These guys are pretty Stupid!

  63. I agree that's not what he meant to say, Santorum's actually very smart. He did still do political speaking after losing his Senate seat, though, and was a Fox News contributor.

  64. even if you think that he misspoke, he misspoke 20 times. He repeated the same number multiple times, which makes it seem that he doesn't know how many people live in this country. Obama, when he misspeaks (like about 57 states) does it once. He doesn't repeat 57 states over and over.

    Second, I don't really care that he doesn't know that. But Santorum is clearly stupid, saying we created fewer jobs than initially thought doesnt mean we lost jobs. These are estimates and are often revised.

  65. Yeah those two really don't work together. No government or president in the world could create that many jobs so quickly. I don't even think McDonalds has hired that many employees in it's existence! BTW, It's not up to the President to create jobs, Business employers do. Hiring is about necessity and availability. Santorum is a fucking idiot.

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