2008 Presidential Election Results

seven o'clock Eastern Time and we have the first important news of the night some poll closings around the country and we can't project now that Kentucky is going to be won by John McCain 10% in but the NBC News projected winner is Senator John McCain out of Kentucky Republican stronghold no surprise on those eight electoral votes no around these three from Vermont NBC News projecting at this hour that Senator Barack Obama will win in Vermont the polls suggested all that all the way along there and we looked at the electoral map here 270 needed to win it is McCain with an early lead of eight electoral votes to Obama's three key we have a result out of South Carolina now John McCain the projected winner of South Carolina and it's eight electoral votes that's not a big surprise here but let's look at the map now all told 16 electoral votes now for Senator McCain to Obama's three as he has picked up Kentucky and South Carolina at eight o'clock Eastern Time we have some important results for you to report Pennsylvania has gone to Obama he is the projected winner 21 electoral votes the streak is alive no Republicans won they're in now 24 years and this cuts off an important path for Senator McCain it's the last few weeks were a waste we'll talk about that in a moment Illinois no surprise for Obama in a probably large victory he was leading by well over 20 percent of the polls Illinois Obama New Jersey to Obama 15 electoral votes no surprise in Massachusetts which has have been leaning all the way for Obama and is now his and it's 12 electoral votes by NBC News projections Massachusetts to Obama McCain on the board again in Tennessee the projected winner with 11 electoral votes Maryland another likely state going in and providing 10 electoral votes for Barack Obama has projected tonight by NBC News as the polls close there right now and in Oklahoma another victory for McCain according to the projections 7 electoral votes for McCain nothing in terms of margins on any of these yet but Connecticut going solidly we were understanding for Barack Obama our NBC News projection there the Connecticut 7 votes will go into the Democrats camp and this New Hampshire goes to Obama he is the projected winner of four electoral votes is the state that had a love affair with John McCain but it stays in the Democratic column tonight and as New Hampshire goes so goes Maine this time in round at least as the polls closing in at that state at 8 o'clock it's four votes we projecto to Barack Obama for the presidency of the United States and Delaware as well for senator Obama tonight the home state of course of his running mate Joe Biden three electoral votes for Obama and it merits mention it was no surprise in the polls it was Obama 82 McCain 13 DC over Alabama the projected winner in the District of Columbia and so here we are this is a look at the national vote to see it's Obama with the lead 103 electoral votes McCain now with 34 he needs to 70 to win Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Christmas happen tonight and I have to say right now that the McCain campaign strategy for victory has crashed 9 o'clock now on the East Coast more poll closings more results to tell you about we will begin with a projection for John McCain he is the winner that's our projection in Kansas six electoral votes a solidly red state stays in the Republican column and New York tonight predictably for Senator Obama getting 31 electoral votes according to our projections another one from the likely pile Michigan goes as expected to senator Obama and the votes that didn't count in the primary seem a long way ago 17 electoral votes for Obama in Michigan and in Minnesota it goes to Obama the Republicans have their convention there thought they could contest it not the case ten electoral votes for Obama Wisconsin is just closed and is as expected in the Obama camp with 10 more electoral votes in Wisconsin for Senator Obama Rhode Island also to Obama for electoral votes our first toss up to go it is not a huge toss up not a huge gain but it is the first toss up to be decided at NBC News and MSNBC projects that North Dakota will be in the McCain category at the end of the evening three electoral votes for Senator McCain out of North Dakota and Wyoming goes to McCain as well Vice President Cheney had to campaign there earlier this week there are a couple of two Early's and two closes still to review but let's look what's on the board right now at Obama 175 McCain 70 we have very important news Ohio is gone for Obama senator Obama has done what he has not done up till now and that's flip a red state Ohio the deciding state in the 2004 presidential election it's 20 electoral votes now go to senator Obama he is the projected winner in Ohio and you look at the map 195 to 76 the electoral votes Keith this is the biggie did you on our election night coverage and we can report to you that New Mexico has now gone for Senator Obama another red state from 2004 flipped into the Democratic column five electoral votes here's the Electoral College map right now based on our NBC News projections of Barack Obama at exactly 285 for Senator McCain West Virginia now Lester for McCain according to our projection from NBC News five electoral votes West Virginia the projected winner Texas and has gone for Senator McCain NBC News projection there 34 electoral votes pretty solidly red you would expect Senator McCain has Texas Jean at 10:00 p.m. on the East Coast 7:00 p.m. Pacific time more closings and an important result the news from Iowa it goes to Senator Obama that's the NBC News projection seven electoral votes a battleground state a red state in 2004 now for Senator Obama in 2008 from the list of the 15 likely McCain states he's added another one Utah five electoral votes for Senator McCain projected as the polls close in Utah to the electoral vote map at this point two hundred and seven electoral votes now McCain at 129 there is a feeling based on some reporting from the McCain headquarters that the magnitude of this night beginning to settle in for the McCain campaign and to recap what we've already closed but have yet to call Florida is too close to call the margin is beginning to stretch out a little bit for Senator Obama as you see a three percentage point lead North Carolina also too close to call look at the vote totals then 70% in now still very very tight you look at the the total vote there 52 49% Obama you see it and see the numbers this is still gonna be a close one as we watch some of these key counties come in Mississippi we can project now for Senator McCain no surprise another likely strong likelihood for McCain has indeed gone to him Mississippi Senator McCain is the protected winner repeat that for me again at South Dakota South Dakota with three electoral votes and a little over half of that vote in is added to the McCain category it was a lean the polls closed there about an hour and a half ago so that one is in the books it is now 11 o'clock on the East Coast and Keith we can report history Barack Obama is projected to be the next president of the United States of America NBC News calling for the Democratic candidate the states of California 55 electoral votes Washington the 11 electoral votes Oregon 7 electoral votes and Hawaii four electoral votes listen to the crowd at Grant Park in Chicago

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  1. OMG I mis Obama soo much.โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ญ
    2008 and 2012 were the best nights of my life i cant believe those 8 years went by soo fast.

  2. What a day, what a moment, what a moment of history๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘. The start of a better America. Relive this moment pleaseeeeee!!!

  3. Can't believe it's nearly 11 years ago since this happened, some one please roll back the years, and relive this great American moment

  4. I remember when I was 10 years old, not caring about politics, watching this with my parents. While they were in the other room, Obama won Ohio. I said so, and they came RUNNING into the living room, clamoring โ€œThatโ€™s it! Obama won!โ€ And they were in such high spirits the rest of the night.

  5. if the media was honest and unbiased, obama could not have been elected dog catcher. You think hillary was the first leftist candidate to receive questions in advance of debates? obama has the questions in advance and as his history reveals, someone came up with the answers for him.

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