1952 Eisenhower Political Ad – I Like Ike – Presidential Campaign Ad

time for president time for president and for president or president you like I'd like everybody like sign for president paint the gum we take I to Washington we don't want our team more hurry let's do that they chop right that's gang a step with the guy detect stuff with I do like I like Ike Devon you like side for president a big drum we'll take our to Washington we go the other way president come back to Washington with a guy to watch it how is the time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their country

Maurice Vega

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  1. Although it seems rather stupid today, this is a very effective campaign video. It just shows people from all walks of life united behind Eisenhower because of his success as a war general. It shows Ike can unite the country and it breaks the Republican-Democrat split. They don't mention the Republicans once, in order to appeal to Democrat voters who like Ike.

  2. How do I source this for my essay?? I can't really credit the channel bc they didn't make it and multiple channels reuploaded it not just this one

  3. I like this ad, in 8th grade we have a huge debate where everyone gets a president in the grade and I have Eisenhower 🙂 Im in the 3rd round wish me luck!

  4. Ah yes, something cute and catchy, free of mudslinging. Modern-day politicians could learn a thing or two from this one.

  5. Reportedly the animation in this ad was directed by Walt Disney's brother and business partner Roy. That probably explains why it has such a strong Disney-esque feel.

  6. Since this was made by Disney,I wonder what animator animated this?

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