173 Republicans back motion to censure Adam Schiff

Maurice Vega

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  1. So, we already know all this. The question is why don't the Republicans do something to stop it?? We vote them in to take care of business for us.

  2. Adam Schiff needs his scurrility lol pulled. These are the morons supporting a criminal lol Look at the morons making comments only a few sane ones here lol

  3. If Trump is really the boss…why can't he just fire these dumbass people in the government..no matter who they are??? It's plain they are not doing the job they were put into office for. If we have to vote them out…all those who don't…should be deported to another country cause they sure as hell don't belong in this one!!!

  4. Schiff is off getting high on Adrenochrome… check out those Adrenochrome Bug Eyes. He's going to get caught, mark my words.

  5. This McCarthyism against the the President, will cost the Democrats everything when the people get thru all the lies.

  6. adam schittless …… and the rest of the A$$ kissers, need to be flown to the hide-a-way of The MILITARY TRIBUNAL ………..A N D, get the
    KANGROO COURT, chosen for them ( because they believe in them )( FOR OTHERS, that is ) and LET the Military TRIBUNAL, use this for the UN-AMERICAN DONKEYRATZ !! you know turn about ..

  7. When is the earliest one may vote? America and I are presently ready to cast our ballots now, to send a message to the corrupt Media and Deep State.

  8. So since this is unconstitutional can't shifty be charged for something or be fired for violation of due process from his position?

  9. I'm glad that Adam Schiff is white because I can still call him a pathologically lying pencil-neck geek without worrying about breaking the free speech laws, anti-racist laws, or anti-gender laws that the Dems want to pass in this country.

  10. A censure vote! Do something! If you don't , the people will. They will take to the streets and remove losers like Schiff.

  11. When it comes to Adam Schiff we have to remember he’s a pathological lier, so just assume the opposite of everything he says.

  12. the president is being tried without a defence ,this is a tribunal like in the French Revolution which was one of the most unjust acts o f public homicide ever and shitf might end up like Robespierre under the blade

  13. Adam Adam the American people can read you like a book ! You are a “mad man” a Rasputin! You need to disappear from our government.

  14. You dishonest desperate deniers are just jerking each other off, it's all over, Taylor put the final nail in the illegitimate putin implantation pig's coffin. Oh, here chew on the Biden's son bone, distract yourselves and be a good doggy.

  15. No, the Whistleblower enquiry hasn't been going on three years, why do you suggest that?
    The whistleblower has been proven to be correct – that wasn't a PERFECT phone call – why is America turning it's back on these facts,

  16. They’re pissed because Trump has exposed a lot and called people to the table. And for so long they have gotten away with stuff and they’re pissed that Trump is taking action. Sucks to be them!


  18. DeAnna Lorraine is running against Pelosi. Look her up on YouTube. She is beautiful inside and out. We need to support her nationwide! Pelosi must go! Fox news should take a good look at her and other candidates opposing these leftist apparatchiks.

  19. Another day, another full docket of lies from Fox News. Do you assholes understand metadata, or are you completely clueless? Why does Fox News HATE AMERICA?

  20. Are you talking about those spineless Republicans who care more about themselves than to the country. Anyone who voted for these fools got-to-be brain damaged.

  21. Well, of course they did. Republicans now are the ZANU(PF) to their President Robert Mugabe. Hold the line – don't think or question. Just keep the party boss in place no matter what an idiot he is.

  22. These people are sick with the monies they have corrupted. Therefore, the corrupted Dem are fighting together against President Trump to stay out of jail. Corrupted Republicans like Romney  turned RINO because of their corruptions, They are being subjected to blackmail,  and have to fight together to impeach the President in order to stay out of jail when the Speaker of the House become President after usurping the President and the VP through the faked impeachment. The President should invoke court martialing when he has the proofs[like ILLEGIMATE subpoenas issued] that the Democrats in Congress are in the process of FALSE impeachment, AND SEND IN THE MILITARY POLICE TO ARREST ALL THE DEMOCRATS THAT DID NOT FOLLOW THE RULES OF LAW TO LEGITIMIZE THE IMPEACHMENT PROCESS THUS CAUSING COUP AGAINST THE COUNTRY.

  23. This Schiff character has said for three years he is going to "get" the President and this woman seems unable to comprehend that he is a biased moderator.

  24. Clearly none of you have the least understanding of who Donald Trump is and you all are extremely gullible.  Donald Trump has been an unconvicted Felon since Donald was 13 years old.  Aggravated Assault [committed on a Music Teacher who refused to say to a class that Donald knew more about Music.  Trump Revealed.  Book of re-published information from contemporaneous New York Times and Washington Post accounts — never sued on not now or then — Trump was given many days to review it and object, but never could.]   Donald's father, Fred Trump, was so mad that he sent Donald away from home for the next 5 years to a Military "School" staffed by Sergeant Majors not teachers.]  [Rich people never go to Juvie, they pay off the injured party.]  That was doubtless the richest music teacher in New York.  ………   Trump's most recent Felony was trying to extort from a foreign country help in a US election by withholding Congressionally approved military support. [Yes, the unlawful withholding of Military Support is also a Felony, and yes, both are High Crimes against our Nation by themselves.   Between his first crime and his latest, there are a virtually continuous string of crimes.  Even with Sergeants watching Trump committed an Attempted Defenestration.  [Look it up Trumpanzees and be amazed at how gullible you are.]

  25. Stanford University followed by Harvard Law is Schiff's Biography, @Joyce Fecher.  Are you really stupid enough to think that anyone in the Republican Party, AKA "The Party of Stupid" has a Bio. that good ?

  26. Holding secretive meetings behind closed doors, lying, leaking sack of crap. Schiff is a disgrace to this entire country and everything it stands for. Great news though, once the investigative report on Russian Collusion is made public, this rat will be exposed completely and prosecuted which explains why he is so tight lipped and controlling in secrecy in a feeble attempt to rob the American people of their duly elected POTUS.
    Then, another investigation will be aimed at the gross abuse of power and fraudulant activity behind the whole whistleblower load of crap. He's toast!!

  27. Republicans: Claims Democrats are doing a"Soviet-Style Impeachment"
    Also Republicans: Proceeds to barge into a secret meeting like a Banana Republic or an African democracy.
    Why doesn't the GOP just start a brawl in Congress while their at it?

  28. Fact: Members of the committees include Republican members of Congress, as well as Democrats, and both parties attend and ask questions.

  29. Adam is the devil in sheep's clothing! Let's make some wool out of it! ? Wrap Trump up and make him nice and warm! 2020MAGA

  30. Schiff operates by following the Sol Olinsky playbook. He is clearly the most despicable member of Congress, and that is saying a lot.

  31. Gee, do you really THINK so? We just thought he stuck his.. (let's say finger) in a light socket to get them "bug-eyes"! Let's all hope he gets "censured" (at least!) –

  32. Censure…does the GOP have the votes? Remove him … do they have the majority? Does the Justice Dept oversee the Dems clear contempt of the constitution and enforce laws? Pure anarchy in the House!

  33. Sorry deluded Trump supporters but the Dems are following the rules for investigations set by the Republicans in 2015 (Tea party) in 2015 private investigations suited the Republicans, now it doesn’t. Had Barr done his duty as AG he would have appointed a special council to investigate (as required by constitution) Barr refused so the investigation is being done by the committees. All investigations (police, FBI or special council ) are done in private that’s how investigations are conducted.

  34. This guy is a scumbag. My wife and I are about to move out of California. What an absolute disgusting embarrasment being associated with this guy, Pelosi, Harris, Feinstein, etc…
    All they do is just push their fake agenda of hate for our Constitution on the American people who are to simple minded or just plain stupid to see it. So sad.

  35. Adam schiff and Pelosi resign you Democrats are do nothing for country party wasted over 25 million dollars of tax payers money in Russia investigation.

    Now illegal inquiry based on idiotic reasons. Stop it. You Democrats are evil/useless against good/great President/Republicans.

  36. Power crazy Democrats stop wasting President Donald Trump precious time let him do what he needs to do.

    Stop all this power crazy investigations/inquiry stop this you useless Democratic party.

  37. Could Schiff be suffering from paranoid delusions? I wonder, has he ever seen a psychiatrist? He seems be exhibiting symptoms of schizophrenia. The symptoms of Schizophrenia may vary depending on the individual and they usually include: Delusions, Hallucinations and illusions. Agitation Flat affect- lack of emotional expression, and disordered thinking phobia.

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