10 World Leaders Assassinated By The US Government

Maurice Vega

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  1. Didn't america give him the weapons these people used? Black market trade to uphold terrorism seems to be how modern politics are handled.

  2. With how much American leaders lie about everything (they're rewriting public education textbooks to state slavery never happened, that the slaves were actually just workers) wouldn't be shocked to discover that our leaders had decent leaders from other countries murdered. Information seems to have turned into a game to keep the world citizens too busy chasing their own tails instead of advancing societies into respectable heights of achievements. No society anywhere desires greed in a leader.

  3. Humans do not learn from History, we have the habit to wait for it to be written by individuals with sinister agenda as such as, this video, History has the reputation to rely those who act first…

  4. Correction……. Omar Mullah is the man who killed Osama Bin Ladan in the year 2001, few months after 911. This statement comes from former Prime Minster of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto who was assassinated 2007 after 2 months of her TV interview in which she made few statements about G. Bush's foreign policy.

  5. I wish they didn’t kill Patrice Lumumba. The Congo would’ve been such an amazing peaceful country under his rule

  6. I know he did it himself but u might as well put Hitler on here since most of these pll killed thousands n thousands sum millions.how does the pedo state of UK say ? Rubbish

  7. We give so many countries food I Never even seen anyone grateful.MAYBE WE SHOULD START GIVING THEM FORKS that way we would start getting recognition like when we give someone guns .we give them guns "we killed em" x "we give them food "- crickets

  8. osama bin laden never claimed 9/11 and there is no evidence. It was clearly individuals from the U.S government that carried out 9/11 on its own citizens. Research and evidence has confirmed the pilots that are supposed to have carried out 9/11 couldn't even fly a small plane let alone soo many passenger jets which hit accurately without any mistakes. This was an attempt of bringing hollywood into real life. If this is how they deal with their own civilians then just imagine what they've done to innocent people all over the world. Christian terrorism could only be promoted by carrying out a inside job on a mass scale to try and justify the terrorist attacks we see carried out by christians on nearly every Muslim country in the world on a daily basis. This was planned and mentioned much earlier as stated by one top rank american official that "we need an attack on america on the scale of pearl harbor to continue american expansionism". The u.s.a made their civilians into the most dumb and brainless human beings the world has ever seen.The americans are known for being stupid, unintelligent people throughout the world. I feel sorry for the people who the u.s.a managed to decieve. Junk food plays a major role on the mental development of human beings, if you look at the american diet it consists mainly of junk food and other chemical based foods that's why another common fact is that americans are obese, unhealthy and weak which also affects their ability to reason but not all americans are the same some are actually good humans and have the ability to think for themselves but the majority fall into the dumb category. The u.s.a is a terrorist state their time to fall will come which is already visible. Christian terrorists have killed millions of Muslims especially after 9/11 because of one individual known as osama bin laden I wouldn't be surprised if Osama bin Laden was in on the act, he worked for the CIA afterall. How is it that after finding him in the longest search in history and killing him as it's claimed they threw his body into the sea without giving any evidence. It sounds quite convenient if the intention was to pay him and give him a new identity which could be one of many answers.

  9. Why does everything involve US security for example when turkey bought missiles US said no it is threatening US

  10. we don't know how to mind our own business cause the whole worlds got to be just like us
    Monster-Steppenwolf 1970

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