10 Ways Governments Control Your Behavior With Genius Designs

– [Instructor] Sorry to break this to you, but when you’re going about your day, minding your own business, you’re being controlled. Okay, you’re not exactly being told what to do, but if you’re
walking down the street, throwing away your trash, or even sitting on a bench, there are ways you are being manipulated. How? Design. Here are 10 ways governments control your behavior with clever design every day. (electronic music) – [Cartoon Figure] Amazing. – [Instructor] Number
10, fake CCTV cameras. It seems nowadays that
there’s a CCTV camera everywhere you look, inside every shop, outside every building, on streetlights, telephone poles, you name it, there’s a camera. However what you may not know is that a lot of them are fake. They’re placed there at
a fraction of the cost of a real camera just to make you think you’re being watched, and to deter you from doing anything you shouldn’t. The exact same thing goes for a lot of speed cameras on the road. Number nine, the Camden Bench. During 2012, in the trendy
London borough of Camden, huge slabs of concrete started to appear on the streets. It turned out these were actually benches, but not your ordinary, comfortable, welcoming benches. These benches were designed specifically to influence and deter all sorts of bad behavior. For example, the bench has no crevices, so drug dealers can’t use them to hide their merchandise, like they do with other benches. Also, the angular design
deters skateboarders from skimming across its edges, and it also prevents the bench from being used by rough sleepers, as the sloped surface makes it difficult to lie on. Another clever feature of this bench is that it has a waterproof coating to make graffiti impossible on it. Finally, it deters bag theft due to recesses along the
benches front and back allowing people to store their bags behind their legs out of harm’s way. This bench has received a lot of criticism for being anti homeless,
but what do you think? Is the design a cause of controversy, or is it just a pragmatic solution to these problems? Number eight, armrests. Staying with benches,
governments have used other designs to curb behavior, like loitering and rough sleeping. If you see a bench in
your town that is sloped or has an armrest in the
middle, that’s intentional. They stop people lying down, discouraging homeless people from sleeping in the area. The government in Rotterdam
went one step further. They installed half benches. These are benches you can lean on, but you can’t sit or lie on them. They’re designed to stop people loitering in certain areas of the city. Number seven, anti-skateboarding designs. If you’ve ever seen seemingly random strips of metal placed on low walls, curbs, or pavements outside buildings, these aren’t just to make the place look a bit avant garde. They are there to discourage skateboarders from grinding the ledges,
jumping the curbs, and generally using public space as a skate park. These metal chunks actually have a name, and are known as pigs’ ears, and were first used in San Francisco, but have now spread across the world. Number six, more anti-homeless designs. Homelessness is a big problem in most cities across the world. Unfortunately, rather than tackling the source of the problem, many cities are trying
to stop homeless people from sleeping rough by making it as hard for them as possible. If you see bumpy, rocky
surfaces under bridges, or outside buildings,
chances are they’re designed to stop homeless people sleeping there, as it’s not very comfortable. A private property company in London took it a step further,
by placing sharp spikes outside their flats. There was a massive public outcry, though, and they were eventually removed. Number five, trash cans. Not even the harmless act
of throwing your litter away is free from design manipulation. Many government trash cans nowadays are slanted so people can’t sit on them, although why you’d want to sit on a bin in the first place is anyone’s guess. They also have smaller openings. This is to stop people disposing of their own large items
in public trash cans. Go to the tip, people. Number four, anti-sticker streetlights. Have you ever seen
streetlights in big cities which have bobbly plastic
coverings around them? These aren’t to give passersby a pleasant sensation to
touch as they walk past. They’re to stop people putting stickers on the streetlights, so
if you’ve lost your cat, or are advertising your band’s next gig, you’ll have to look somewhere else to stick your sign. Sorry. Number three, ATM boundaries. Here’s a more positive one, showing that sometimes the powers that be have our best interests
at heart after all. And it’s another one from our old friends at Camden Council. In 2003, they decided to put yellow excursion zones around some ATMs in the town. Only the person using the ATM is allowed in the box. It’s designed to stop people from shoulder surfing, which is basically when fraudsters lurk behind the ATM user trying to look at their pin. Number two, no seats. Let’s give governments a break, and quickly turn the spotlight on private companies using design to control what we do. In this case, spending your money. 35 million people use
London Heathrow airport’s terminal five every year. That’s just under 100,000 people a day, so how many free seats
do you think there are in the terminal? I’ll tell you. 700. If you want to sit down while you wait for your plane, and these seats are taken, you’re welcome in one of the 25 bars, cafes, or restaurants. There’s everything from Starbucks to Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant. Of course you’ll have to spend money on food and drink before you can take the weight off your feet. This feature of manipulative design exists to take the money from your pocket, and it has paid off
fantastically for Heathrow. In 2015, retailing at Heathrow brought in over 500 million pounds. Number one, light manipulation. Even the way things are lit can be used to manipulate your behavior. In 2009, residents of a housing estate in England were bothered by
teenagers hanging around, getting up to all kinds
of anti social behavior. So what did they do about it? Well, the people that ran the estate installed fluorescent pink lights by all the areas the teenagers gathered, but why pink lights? Well pink lights highlight blemishes on the skin, such as teenage acne. The hope was the teenagers would turn up, everyone would see how
spotty their faces were. They’d be embarrassed
and go somewhere else. Mad, but true. More seriously, though, some councils even put fluorescent blue lights
in their public restrooms, and this blue light stops people injecting drugs in there. Blue lights make it more difficult for drug users to find
their veins, apparently. This practice is also used in night clubs, so if you go into a night club toilet and everything’s lit in blue, there’s a reason for that. Which one do you think is the smartest? Do you know of any other ways we’re being directed by design? Leave a comment and let us know. Also, if you enjoyed this video, please make sure to like
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Maurice Vega

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  1. Top ten trends already debunked this, the cameras are not in use, or are older models. Or they are on buildings, to protect them.

    Use your brain

  2. You forgot the biggest manipulative of human behavior and our society !!! And the most important !!! Things you mentioned are unimportant , what about pop music !!!? Alcohol !!!! And the places designed for you to do both !!! Look how cheap , honorless and pethetic every first world society has become , look how much money we waste on crap , look how many walk blindly through life , being told what to buy , what is important and it all stems from pop culture

  3. 1 day it will all be washed away and il be smiling as i draw my final breath , i quote " i want something good to die for , to make it beautiful to live.

  4. I don't understand what the campaign on the homeless is about !! A big problem ??? For who ? The homeless ??? Fuck man they have the goddamn problems !!! Why don't them fucks make benches for them to sleep on where ever they tend to gather and give em a fucking break man , goddamn I mean yeah obviously these government worthless fucks are greedy as shit but goddamn man even taking the homeless's ability to sleep with out being eaten by ants . I personally think that every single one of em sucked absolute balls . If your so fucking goddamn bothered by a person who is unfortunate enough to have nothing to the point it is a problem for your faggot ass then it's not the homeless person who is the problem because obviously they got nowhere to go , unlike you whoever it is that's fucked up about em . Jesus Christ world you make me hope to God you die in a apacalyptic shit storm because you're all greedy pieces of fucking shit without empathy !!! Mutha fucking usiess goddamn pieces of shit greedy as fuck humans

  5. why should you give the homeless nowhere to sleep just because the government has lots of money doesnt mean they can boss around the pore im a skateboarder myself but i don't skate on anything except the path way and skate park michael jackson was homeless so if the homeless don't sleep properly less amazing changes can happen im only 11

  6. Bruh I wish I watched this a long time ago about the pink lights that give you acne, I have a led light and I had it on pink for a month and know my forehead is taken over by acne

  7. Homeless people don't need to sleep in those places anyway.. There should be a "homeless only park" outside of every city, so Homeless people can't sleep in the city EZ

  8. So homeless people, should be housed, I think that would help solve them having to sleep on park benches or doorways . It’s simples government .

  9. A pragmatic solution to homelessness is supporting homeless people by creating spaces where they can actually sleep and wash themselves and stay for a little while while getting themselves back on their feet, not by making sure they have nowhere to sleep. What are they supposed to do, die? Homelessness isn't "bad behaviour".
    Other than that, that's a cool bench!

  10. Supermarkets put the more expensive brands at eye level which stand out more, making you more likely to buy. Many pubs put out bowls of peanuts on the bar for you to eat, these make you thirsty, therefore making you drink more. There are many more retail tricks that are used to make you spend more, too many to write here.

  11. if the government try to help homeless people NOT to 3:33 <<<(make that) or make a orphanage for homeless people so the can stay "HAPPY"…. I Hate Say This (What the hell are you doing Government to the Homeless People) SORRY THIS IS MY OPINION

  12. At London undergrounds government uses high pitch sounds so teens won't stay longer and make trouble. A young man asked me if I could hear it I said no. He said it is driving him crazy.
    Here is an article https://www.independent.co.uk/news/sonic-youth-the-high-pitched-sound-alarm-for-under-25s-8665652.html

  13. Also in San Francisco they installed these high-tech Johnny On the Spots in crowded popular street areas like Market Street, etc. which "self-clean" every hour or so…thereby dousing its lingering occupant with a vicious long-lasting flood of hot water and soap. This was obviouly to deter whomever thinks they might use it as a shelter for the evening. Sad. Likewise, in Amsterdam I believe it was, they installed port-o-potties which would recede back into the street at a particular hour…which is a bit more humane, I guess…depending on how you look at it. On a personal note, I have well said I would rather move back to SF (my home for over 20 years) and live homeless under a bridge than continue to reside here in Oregon. 'Nuff said.

  14. That homeless person is already going through alot, why the government has to trouble them like that, this is so sad, why using our tax money to trouble someone who is already suffering, instead invest that money to open a work place for them so that they can earn some money and get out of their situation.

  15. Some governments and commercial areas choose music in order to encourage certain demographics to not loiter
    They also use the "teenage" noise to discourage teenagers from loitering – this is an annoying sound that is believed that only the very young (teenagers) can hear. Unfortunately, due to the abuse of headphones and concert attendance, many young people have hearing loss and can not hear the sound. Annoyingly for me even though I am nearly 50-year old I have been able to hear this sound well into my 40's

  16. ever seen the good skaters who can grind the benches with pig ears anyway? or some carry power tools and take them off themselves

  17. Dude these are dumb!!!! Homelessness is a problem for the government, not for the people themselves

  18. Yay govt!
    Making homeless people life MORE difficult
    Fuckin arseholes

  19. For the cost of the anti homeless and anti skateboarder measures they could build places for them to go ….. its pretty cold hearted of them

  20. I’m sorry but I don’t ppl sleeping in front of my door it happens already and I’m scared cuz I just want to go to sleep but no someone’s sleeping there and it would be rude to disturb them? I don’t care

  21. None of the are smart. They’re all horrible. They’re all based on greed and kicking people while they’re down. I wonder how much all that shit cost when they could’ve spent the money on helping people instead.

  22. What if there was an accident happened in midnight then no people's around! So how do police respond and investigate if both drivers are died. You know😊 maybe their relatives asking about what happened and then the police didn't know what to say so it's a trap. Is the camera made in China?!

  23. It’s sad to think most homeless had to either leave home or leave home to go fight in military lost job girlfriend and family now they got nothing but the shit on there back and what does the u.s do leave him be and make their lives worse

  24. Yeah there's this thing where at the end of youtube video YouTubeers ask questions so people comment on the YouTub video

  25. I don't care for the term anti-homeless. Sure it's controlling. Let them take the hint that this isn't the place. It's a quality of life issue.


  27. I work in Santa Monica and the company I work for caters to the homeless, well some of these folks don’t know how to act , they’ll shit in front of the doors they’ll pee everywhere , they’ll leave trash everywhere so to be honest if your trying to protect your business, which you worked so hard for then you should be able to do what you have to do ..

  28. There's the Noisy Cricket high frequency soundwave device that only young people can hear designed to keep kids away from certain spots. That's the worst.

  29. The take cams are a bad idea Cause if someone gets mugged but they go to the council to get came a footage for their case, then their told the cams are fake, they get mad because they don't have enough evidence for their case

  30. city governments need to not persecute homeless as they are already at a low point in their life, the skateboard blocks hurt yourself and sue as the blocks are a danger to society we call them leg breakers in my town and I gave a grinder I cut them off with. the fracking bench is cement skateboards mark it by leaving their residue behind not the other way round. I swear government is like a helicopter mom. maybe we the people would enjoy a show of local youth doing their tricks, flips, jumps, bumps and grinds, WHY Make life more dangerous for kids?

  31. Newsflash! Governments (and banks, religions, schools, corporations and all media) control your behavior! In other news, water is wet.

  32. We are being manipulated too many ways and this is just the tip of the iceberg on social manipulation. I see a world that has lost all its love and all its empathy and is taken over by corporate greed.

  33. I think it's cruel to make it hard for the homeless to sleep. It breaks my heart how the homeless are treated

  34. 2:10 with those benches with multiple armrests, good thing that i'm skinny so i can fit inside them so i can lay down 🙂

  35. Its unfortunate that it's cheaper for the government to make it hard for the homeless than it is to build something worth while. I'm not 1 for seeing them everywhere but they do need somewhere. They should build a hospital size building with apt rooms in them and the homeless can live there as long as they work around it, cooking, housekeeping, landscaping.. everything and they have to keep themselves up too

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