10 reasons leaders fail – what managers and supervisors do wrong

in this video 10 reasons you might fail as a leader let's go so I was researching why is it that leaders fail and I found a great article from ink magazine written by Lee : I figured it was best to save his link and maybe add some personal perspective on each of the points but I will link the article in the description so if you want to check that out go ahead and before we dive in let me take the opportunity if you haven't subscribed already please go ahead and do so and if you have subscribed already you're the best all right let's get into this so number one a lot of leaders fail because they think they have all the answers here's the thing you can't have all the answers the moment that you believe you do you're missing your great opportunity to learn never pass up that even if you truly believe you have all the answers hold them tight if somebody comes to give you a criticism they come to explain something to you just quiet and listen you might learn something reason number two leaders fail they don't connect with the person behind the employee I mean in short the employee is a means to an end that's what these I'm not gonna call the bleeders that's what these managers see or these supervisors see you have to take a moment and know the person I said this in an earlier video they just want you to know who they are and they want a little bit about you yes it's a relationship and like I said it's not dinner in a movie relationship it's time at the watercooler time at the coffee station talking about sports talking about the weather it usually starts with small talk but you just have to put in a little bit of effort reason number three they are slow to make a decision this is sometimes yes you have to put thought into things you really have to go over the numbers a lot of times you know the answer you have to have confidence in yourself you know the answer you can rhyme it off quick but you're afraid to make a mistake so you slow it down and sometimes that's just not gonna work reason number four is they have an unclear vision and unclear expectations listen you're running the ship you're the guy with the wheel in your hand but if you don't know where you're going how do you expect everybody working under you know if you don't have defined expectations of what an outcome should be how do you think you're gonna hit that target gonna fail reason number I've as they lacked personal integrity listen if you don't have integrity you will not get anybody to follow at least not for long once they figure out who you are you're on your way you either employees are gonna force you out upper management is gonna can your ass regardless it's a quick ticket out reason number six is you stop learning and stop changing ultimately these leaders or these managers they feel like they've arrived you know they've got their degree their diploma whatever it is that they got and now they're just they're comfortable but in today's day and age that's not enough you need to be constantly educating yourself whether it be reading articles online grabbing magazines books seminars conferences always look for something I've literally I've got at least a hundred and fifty two hundred books that I've read I found out they all say the same but in every book there's at least one what I will call gem where it's a gives you an aha moment even if you think you know it all just put it in check you don't you might know 99% of what somebody's saying but there's one percent that's really gonna help you grow next they have an undisciplined approach to hiring this is a hire from the gut now I told you earlier that you makes little decisions and that could be a reason to fail but when you're hiring these people represent you and they represent your company you can't just hire base on your gut there has to be an outline what exactly are you looking for how exactly does somebody qualified number eight is organizational in digestion you just thrown out all these initiatives we're gonna do this we need to do that somebody needs to start working on this you're basically assigning your team more work than they can take on more working than they can digest and that creates a diffused focus which means basically nothing's gonna get done number nine the personal ego needs blur the needs of the team this is basically as a leader or as a manager you're putting yourself first what do you need what promotion are you looking for how is this gonna make you look that has to be put aside if you want to succeed what does the team mean how can I make them look better if I make them look better than they work better and in turn it will slowly come back to you as a leader but it's crucial you put the needs of before the needs of your eagle and finally they talk more than they listen this creates leadership blind spots listen you're the guy running the guys you're in charge but that does not mean you know what's going on in the field yes you need to be given directives but you need to be listening to your team you need to hear what's actually happening you may have ideas but you got to listen to the people actually doing the work that can actually solve the problems so that's the ten I think that's more than enough ways to fail did I miss one if I did leave a comment below I'm gonna wrap up this video I'm gonna thank you thanks for coming in and watching if you haven't already subscribe and I will see you Tuesday

Maurice Vega

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  1. Can you think of another top reason a leader might fail? Let me know here in the comments! And if you haven’t already, consider subscribing! 👍🏻

  2. I don’t want to sound sexist here, and don’t want to cause any offence, but in general are woman managers petty and don’t make good managers ?

  3. You mentioned all those books, are there a few off the top of your head that would be your favorite? I use audible a lot also. Thanks and your channel has helped me get prepared a great deal!

  4. Thanks for these video's. You made me think of one when you said "they talk more than they listen". On the flip side, sometimes they talk very little, do not engage, ask questions, or even respond.

  5. MAN this was GOOD!!!! You pretty much ticked ALL the boxes…… I'm saving this to my playlist AND sharing…… Congratulations on 100+ subs!

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