😍Leaders 0f LPG & UPP Happy They Supported Akufo Addo ln 2016 & Ready To Do Same ln 2020😍

that's similar decision I would take yourself without support in Amado and now said you think said you did the right thing oh I did the right thing we are the Papa Papa Papa you know in your support behind me and make me rich and who da da da da na Macra energy da Sami supporting one another on Corcovado I paint in a mirror and water because it was the same mission callosum homonym apostle Medina that's watching em chromogenic also to Tanya no that's watching because of the fierce ages that's what rebuilds your name because and when we bring an opportunity to go back to school reassess north on an angle theta from colada or console NECC I robbed it is an acronym walk Australian not the Apache be an entry see this is once a reduced one evolution i the Rufus mmm okay my mouth oh mama Papa Dino and I saw me a clean hairdresser funny mrs. Edna to say well no claw woman needed she send them cry so much oh my dear mama because lambda mu VL j HS no one possible opportunity okay arrested in South Korea and in Korea now I only after Superman's Ragusa trillion of acoustic apprenticea me me and she said ha I reversed mm aha eminent you said Museum crabby because to idea nominee Chiba nyan Cranham Christina I had double track no do know why because actually police a mega cannon or screw in February 2009 from kosuna 500,000 Atlantic and Caribbean great 320,000 you know Nakamura by Abbess an acronym fee but Annette Annette Asano yamato-kun oh I'm a usasa miku on oppa and as a peacock it was a hibachi I ain't a Greek track and what group shot Macross Akita Mina yeah Lou regna technically simply because it's appropriate uncle Scooby messages it was a demand Colombia say mong-koo school Apple Apia one post to Quran and Soviet cities 83 a citizen a buyer a brahmana take he says technical school memory school press their college mrs. kunen in 2002 mrs. cool 2008 2d geometry said school a beautiful from oceanography and I'm filming the studio second the same unanimity press the college said the barrage in abdominal breath where they ikkaku its acronym of relief really arrow huh because I want to be in America school and incredible views could be managers in the new baby circa – opportunity Dharma press della a connection Conway ma ma hua hua that yeah me Barbara before side Eunice a knowledgeable a political gimmick Anna now I said remember marriages now and is also a Korean magnets so Magua ultimania second you oh my a violin or preferred oh honey speaking what shocked me oh by an an aphasia the fasting of implemented reaches Sinatra political talk covering a good idea no implementers of for fewer implementing button I'm so watch in a pan Abu Taha no support man Quranic – in Tino he started in the fascia Madonna for motivation because second isakova Viviana doll went in to have an education as a component you don't even care about challenges are the implementation of appearance mitosis is a dimensional barrier see obey we say of a struggle problem problem no problem the son of disruption activities in any society there will be disruptions and when that so she comes then we look for the tinkers almighty maternity surround and a good father has demonstrated that and so I'm proud SAS photographer I will never great support ocupado yeah Minya sir Wanda sit Rafa gee Papa no Adolphus never say I did some here Lori's or naina nominee Brides in a moment I've been visiting now please miss em who you say I'm possum oh yeah Tanana and my pony home I would prefer gonna form or add a musical Mahmood abilities no you have no idea happy and I'm proud some support what I know and man Oh deliver she a plentiful food for instance a Madonna also an Evo III stabilized for some time because an opinion mr. Canino XE about way we support behind another dunk on me they say 70 Messiah my point I said with the okay yes not just that one missions who desires for ganas and I've been met Maya by way member done a lot in the in 20 they've done a lot circuit but I have a lot violet inside me under somebody coming mm-hmm maybe some who say yeah introduce you had benefits aluminum Sakura blossom Salonika I pull up you're gonna be our he's entitled to have been a free thing I know no covers gonna be our critics opionion Morgana piano a ban hostile responsibilities Savannah Jane Monica woody buhbuh buhbuh chakra a Columbia who some ranchers only eight years ago soil Yuma Sonia Sonia Amalia then the government has a responsibility so multiple a beocca to the comedy Social Security well we add my Minea OB but she was fired – mm-hmm assign I was a call next week yeah Social Security has a purpose and the purpose a said that your promises Cunha here moi and says social scooter for shop but this country were not doing it and it's wrong because excuse also or one player India he can be arrested so nice I'm a man of action on Yemen ago quote I met Jenny no aunty so Jesus Cana as a purpose no Jesus Cody because I remember a attention and aside a say insurance it's not gonna get us a Social Security and national insurance process yes and she had to combination the social needs and then your insurance needs what are we doing disappearo corporation never collide amount a wrong sec what is he gonna watch at we got to change the system and these are some of the things on a frittata it was another DC cable for bottom Sophia unemployment benefits no job benefit an IRA stimulate the economy no I'm a small businesses up grow because you gob Kabbalistic eppadi a and to be up in Edmonton a colonel said money Minamoto Mohammed one I had a pursue Makai in the the 2013 elections in the UK let them snow it's me India some number of seats our Congress and I'm so ma they have to form the coalition government with a conservation and ability ever no internet Club a p.m. no all set because of their coalition government no they were able to leverage support Islam also policies beyond our Lib Dems I wanna they pushed it if you known to the coalition government mo Maceo implemented our policies no before you threw your support behind Anna I do some of these fantastic ideas are on ahe why didn't you use them as a bargaining chip say okay may declare my support among bus or bad these are the policies we believe in and we would want you to also help implement these policies would the term let's sign and then I declare my support for you because at the end of the day ramayana say obey you know who salute Rousseau probation them now almost all the policies you believe in then a priority for this administration oh yeah because the Apache all the catalyst ad bailed on an outro support behind them on the faster one has to 140 now and also can watch them down oh yes O'Shea my manifesto ma you're the first party I really see manifesto Organa mmm May 2016 so I'd imagine yes it really had a quite a choke on your board before super say oh my one this one for to norm up the key identifier a moron yes yeah can say the message to purchase all of our survey about I do fun to say no deterioration seven I do fun because I always episode I was a good robust it wasn't me you could be my on offense non hazardous to your actions control Oh aqua carrot up okay Ottoman on my account young cop here champion a Chihuahua's him to know who sang kha bucha thamma sang kha goof or me we can turn into jam here so dimension is emitting light energy I mean I'm and Grenda member Frank resonance of teaching muhammad saw a moose a Tamil on ba Tamil Telugu really and was out am annoyed with my turning into something it's Musa yeah at the value to all these things but you know so many or decay question be say embed an omen I empower mm-hmm macula see before tomorrow nothing trust investor service one of the biggest financial institutions in the world a walk Dublin okay Northern Ireland Ireland nothing trustee versus services and then a Yemeni Miska capital capital formation each one whose Africa yummy occasionally a computer well not a booty generate capital we are able to create capital say in any program million no PR $100 $100 a bath so many bay investment our one convener and turn the million dollars by a phenomena does Ramona my teacher for Morgan inna say cuz every man to be aa Mohammed Omar see you know massive company every year one company owned by them another contribute to a be attend series hae na se na journeys 120 season so you owe me a beer one Molina if you say 1.2 million years a year yeah that one with my with my body factory ik heb a thousand jobs what about teachers all right Nessus what about doctors what about professional judges said Pentecost Armenia coupons you go see not one across the globe and including Ghana and everywhere NASA we had magic was for the door nomicon vamos a estudiar or my teeth scurvy that or I need to assess that's a guy that's actually knew the moon was a a collective member members need to get a physical nephew Jessica hi this process I really assess the any idea natural prejudices no on the stock market nah oversaw hurricane huh when you're able to do that a subject for instance but senior is best enrich wealth and and do some of the fence yep optimal Africa let me say capital in the area there's a telecoil discuss any future ba ba ever Ronnie oil they brought less than 200 million dollars nobody back gonna fight me no listen we have raised money here we could have raised even 500 million say didn't I say you sure about 200 million dollar yes I know it's a corporate organization to your imagine about them after say nothing bad anything bad talking about cosmos energy all this comparator only oil here we don't need say ominous or don't covet about I say yeah me and Cassidy we should be able to encourage ourselves okay for service investment culture Danny havoc general tena koe PITA and she said yeah sector not gonna for Abuja Ghana for Morgana enantiomer say we need 1 billion dollars a unit power only to assess of a minimum of thousand dollars yet where is one particular van as well as ice Ghana you will not have the technical know-how Mouse economies can you could use uber you say everyone has a question Julia now you to run a channel anemia realistic camel and I employ higher nature so we need to raise capital bill turbit ourselves not only a computer resources our can hanim say that yet to me to purchase this kind of an Klaus and Franco I get your point generally mama means here Deacon's so after throwing his support behind another sangsu any regrets BIA Mabon Afiya babish a going into 2020 and say Moshe crystal ball more what do you see first of all Mumia new mobile contest to 2020 are not say because I am now to hear German in the case of Adak air pollution another year Juma too much ammonia why would you still want to contest a robbery tsongkhapa forget to throw supports no 100 almost three years down the line Minami robot Mila moriyama vibra me see say la nación oh yes between Yukawa men québécois and liberty say agriculture plans fo food and rows se fue hecho para presidenta may focus more on commercial farming commercial farming yes Manasa farming and a mechanized family is Ramon okay because yes the Kurama resourceful nonlinear so with the advent of industries original we need to have large farmer a bikini Fe D en industries the industry farming IBM oscillation tomorrow for example oba oba oba confess tempo Organa Olson a plantain hermano y una a associa a bit me I'm an all-around competition with the original 40 famous and Abra cartons and tons and tons of maize into Ghana because of 40 famous Nubia Libya a cattle farm stop Manfred you know I would say you presume into a family or medieval city more portly industrial sewage as a project for food no in my perspective Emilia meant man a memorial caucus NSA Yakko Kamisha and a mecca a mechanized for a agriculture uber able to say yeah Lucas non-system freitas lê Papa Vario carbon from Bobby Lane choice ma ma ma ma ma ma ma technical vocational educational system transformation Samia and rebellious Naraku Thomas alguma Robinson embellishment prácticas a problem but soldier say every district acc1 cell facility i best problem with all the equipment a em a paratha famiglia Alya platicas now I'm a teacher learning I envisioned at Misawa district's capital efficient facility nah-ah discuss trabajo America's instance a ma we rescued Anna y se Iowa shop baba khalid IBN you sent me a desk and Scooby agua de hecho para llevar branch idea Emmet Myers shell facility our district approval bus na an incredible practice possible a Claro idea a cello Torino Oh Bertram incidences oh no affiliation Noah chassis immunity a boob reduction we were able to say m1 Destry transaction a very laudable initiative arena india tree but Yamamoto moment a magical Medea Domino I was a a buying a bond model nya bombers kakugane now such as such it's no it's me spring up in ten tenten tenten so that we can catch the roof in a decent employment in pardonable memphis treaty mama rasta advil unify impulsive cinema Grabbe children e en for national bikini release importation ama yet me Jessica day a pomegranate soprano chrono Yeti media publishing amanina Papa J M Shekhar Babu homra ocean security Amina happy with a secret no can honestly moon is a constitutional a problem Amma in see Krishna I a big kudos gonna for a variable today a constitution yakushina yeah yeah 1992 no here are Wallace and in a powerful here free Sudha Bama by Democracy Now whom you say your demo castlemania maybe I'll move Mumbai I am alpha B to me Eduardo mom was a Julia where the architectural structure of our conscious Tina a center or the power cinema and the achamma Johnny Romano yeah Barbara happy now when power is centered or vested and a when power is vested at the center sadness a som excessive on particle of to and when power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely the American is a memory a constitutional amendment okay ah a best report most of the power from the center to the people never transfer power to the people not proper decentralization abdomen nothing a as most of the state institutional at Maya autonomous area which is a police say police April appointment as by the conscious of which me I disagree commissions Lumia 707 me Papa mama October within the seven Commissioner or my mama's my GP ah orbit me I had one without fear of him and that would be after so I'm in the Constitution oh yes anime conveys a constitutional amendment mm maybe three CCG MSA chief justice justice a Yuma chief a laptop Commission Commission same thing our bay air quality say a ma this which is not very strong my electric emissions the commissioners only be human shape as Narayan be appointed Commission Islam sufficiency today already nobody will not be there for my son fly upon to say to Bobby mikuma new moon accordion um yes sir we remember trouble Hobart remember UHA nothing Cassidy Abba Eban Muhammadiyah Moyes mana moon soo okay and now say em constitutional I give you too much powers today as a president you know president-elect malucia Pavano at the Iberia I got away with it my Munna say institutionalize the second scene is a newborn I politically influenced broken jaw – Manoj Kumar the we are also me at – servo the people of this country and I think it's fantastic way upp Moya registered with a trial commission also okay and it is seen on system of political parties on the books a 24 by a lot of these parts is mentioned that meet the required standards or national headquarters every Kakuma hip into classical minimally huh yes hamamass not head office were trying I've been a mope in a co-producer say political parties in mp3 Indies you would mean you're fit enough for and running the Sajha sawal new circus you idiot Wow Renta probably a few runs the media midnight no sir Cooper for performance at some of the challenges are Obama let us say interpolation or say if you run just you know yeah open new one stuff here woody am i apart for me I have no office will they be able you a double idea ticket regional offices in our constituency office another say branches in nineteen J it depends on how I will be on but I suppose capita a Celina Busse wah Sonia many women from my you ppm wha I blame it to me now Queenie Basara if it were several Madigan Jimmy so much okay aunty in your case no no some offices offices we office per our national head of his wing party Commission say we need you so high da nakka nakka ahead of us in all our dynamic or chaos dynamic umas bios that since they're gonna be about going crying until you never say again head office in Kumasi all the ten regions in the SE c– second is a system clumsy wanna wanna cry Rococo born Aniyah continued us-ward systolic on your anyway but oh da di da di origine office yeah amrap you Organa basilica dwell Roya I was war being powered Simba be a true contrition and a political party as say as a particular district office and as a conscience office that's not later there is no law and I repeated that some says that though a lawyer was wallpaper HOV R&B bureau efficient him coefficient says you should have a national office or n hot branch in every region the branch a branch is a branch office as a bank mobile branch automation then organized into the districts in Ghana organize organize organize even simple in 1957 that effect December 1957 in December I say sorry side an iguana party being with my siblings were circular party and that's why a sorry Sakura party a sessional party Muslim Association party and I know I wanna use organization as an emphasis which ha Modesto Apple know yet lira pendant and Sonny award tubulin Congress party SG Anto a leader annual National Liberation Movement Anna bapu Tatiana Busia the enemy as Annie Walker she must rebel children's are a new symbol fuels whatever party and careful with my bindiya mommy when you are no friend People's Party Zord imagine an American in a boom the main opposition new European United Party I'm with estos Apollo Bay at the Fed general subject tree and you perseverate great service oh I'm gonna fall huh and I support areas imma party bah huh only are you before we're volunteer Ian yes my diet is of Italian man what for yeah patch pardon k-beauty party yeah I can expand akuma party because I will used and turbulent Congress woman before me I mean a few more forms United Party and I'm gonna stop aloo ki rasoi Appu when a are impose on what I say play masa dough for me Rebecca dumbu that way up all of you a Paula come back to come so then my channel and who do I see Millia yeah patching the offices I'm wrapping a map a signet is recovering a cysteine Jo – I ain't never been assisting or damaged energy and I'm not bleep walk and my Eastpointe okay so obviously running T Apollo he according to 2020 elections expectations and say I mean the lien DC the largest opposition party a um flag bearer in the former president John Dramani Mahama what started you know at organ and gun of wadiya and all of that it be a be a casa a sympathia and OSHA the the EIU researcher on Sonya Urbana and it was classes nd CH me pussy out a coherent message in no mood to be Magana food you know the unfulfilled promises of the NPP are the elections will be keenly contested what it means Nessa and easy war chance to win the nest the nest election I disagree with Yael ragazzo pajamas a Sam and DC because a happy before say mobile management you know yet Obama won a debate near to a Panama and this is Debbie message no sabotage they say Maya in the basic equation I wanna say no to an iguana iguana a digital state dimensional Malaga always was a poet rendition to me Obama no new movement Obama say Obama LA so and this he must have a message like LPG yellow message said the apocrypha Botanica was a professor my time alone on a first-come invisible and what she was saying was oh a bar over here National Insurance one time criminal informant meaningful a new chronic Borgia and assertions about that infest motion machine so yeah I work a media manga said anything fall said and coming out with a message Dino fuckin muscle say yeah baby away be away will be away not enough that's what Obama said the any Liberal Party also to approach a madman about winning hey you're just there record you know record it we will win the illnesses because we know Ellison's it's about you it's about you the one listening today never promised a tanam never Brahma Brahma ping-pong necessity ten billion dollar job hunt sir the Baylor University oh but rather apply some money to start your own business and saying ten billion dollars of fun ten billion there's no money manager come out ten billion hundreds but is a small money to a country like Ghana Dan aquatic enjoy boba best twenty billion yes Edna yeah can he Microsoft Shambala City Zoo huh Microsoft on my board over three hundred billion dollars at a comparable eternal bureaus and the whole nation I borrow twenty billion dollar sir then we have making noise out of it and you say you don't you think base because that thinking big and do this stuff because okay I've been open in terminal side Unicron inevitability I do not believe you wanna be beneath indifference very move now or us as an opposition party nor the or canister say LPG and Mira Nair you would be comfortable with Manabu retaining the presidency now you gonna focus on on on track me anyway say Ghana for someone to mock up on never gonna play now mm anyway Who am I gonna focus on okay John Muhammad and I didn't even see you got that afore we get in one we don't vote the Mussolini sida Natoma just see a powerful bond again furniture mama a kiss a mimic Oh Mamma Mia with Mutapa mummy mmm Yesenia a Tiana Mikasa so a dimensional because millimeter or dimension but I'm telling the truth no mama well make one mistake since any frog bear I work at the diner first mate not some harm manifest to my manifest to walk him and virtue would anybody wanna tell me Jerome oh the benefit Obama you must tell us you must suffer machine it could see say he wants the ganya's to Massa watch a manifesto massa now I'm a chairman virtue of the many may say ha ha with Chocula Bianca hey Donna I do you mean pinaka no we can't we can go back into me and come back you about yet we'll find another timer you guys will come not least odk means you're 20 20 repetitions are the same Trinette wanted a snack on the chain no Rudy gee I never been a banyan aragón aha no the idiom mmm economic freedom mejor never nah i'm say a phenom Astarte a moving to Accra once a Saturday game reveal woman go from UT NL while query search for Santa Rita Mecca what is happening gravity will declare conquer the whole region show ya baba static door-to-door campaigning Nydia message Akuma and cough all natural moss a hoodie key the businessman we only created something out of nothing yeah yeah yeah ba say indicator with a Madonna phone then of idea MA yeah yeah how did i a say we don't know how to crete with now and then one of the integral aspect of leadership is how to know how to have the skills to mobilize resources for development adriani a Duma and we are going to model the way for other people in this country to follow in everything the ABAP I am in a business oriented environment Yamagata formed in TIA he threw him in a plan immediately you know missus I am Agana for a few him the educational system Tokyo ever prepare anonymize had said a mobile self-reliance who be a real scholar gonna say or maybe pyramids may be unanimity kya prepared from a from I'm announcer alpha certificate were not number opposition party based on the wackiness a Ghana for a decided cell or mantra Bonnie mawa wine are they are comfortable with winning the election chiana's regional avocado they received in dot larnaca foreign otaku now CCA Melia promotable one district one Fatima Libby now ah-ha-ha a nice formula in my candid opinion Nanako Ford went on for four days aha my emblem you know the reason s a euro crisis Rubin a noble on another CD opieop rancher nanano you Coleman mmm say it yeah break free education said you're sayin engine in Arunachal in Hebron Lucia John Muhammad sooner kohlrabi in ye son congressman per se you know people yet a banker made me see me a businessman me BA container sir yet discharging about 70% and quite an aquarium to lube and I feel okay I want a finished product is pure copper disco baby I began and it could see theorem AMISOM also God willing I am NOT a man a common it's in your conscious sedation okay so in this for me to me and SPT Mahama say hey Joanne in it but I'm not gonna fool you said maybe yo mama mia bari enemy Bobby Havana ago Farrakhan some another government policy now attacking Lobby we want to fill the new Mohammed we want to fill the new subjectivity and that feeling is not forthcoming that I buy a baby oh yeah oil funny bro FIBA no mama is the 15% no madam oil um Nicole now first 15% from DeMaio a first a jubilee fair do believe certain seminar procedure Casca men touchy once a man who say yellow so many bro form may describe a big novel second one I had a person gonna holding nobody be I'm a movin to I never bother any anomaly Bahama lioness together to attack a switch my my know that eww yeah cry and negotiation table reverses yet nobody call a consecutively first one yeah yeah comfortable with day a a loose way no matter her loose when Argentina are the bluffs no a possible 1550 and Sonia can es el nombre de Polignac oh I catch ample of blessed memory of Anna I am was a good minds nya says a 15% Cosmo manager a combat the Ghana for negotiate Emma what you could do for five percent technology lady to oil yeah yeah yeah Tucker scoffs admi – yeah Apollo know my first name wanna enjoy a little support or bitanga Ghana for spirit say we can't do it yeah yeah ash a more national and there's over 2 billion armed activity by changing the status cool we already challenged the status quo satay any money versus Alina memory master sentiment now cosa know maybe about the Busan but if you're happen mommy NASA I'll get you guys in the studio one more hey Angela nevertheless it

Maurice Vega

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  1. OB. The numbers of child hawkers was clear for everyone to see. It was an eyesore and heart-breaking. The numbers are now visibly down and you don't need any statistics to confirm this. My kids wept when they visited Ghana seeing the kids selling and disabled beggars on the roads. The numbers are down which is a positive sign. We must trumpet the good things this government is doing to benefit ALL Ghanaians.
    In UK the benefits bill is been cut back as it is too heavy for government. Unemployment benefit is limited and dependent on demonstrating efforts to seek work. We must learn from the mistakes other countries made introducing a blanket benefits system. Abuses were rampant!

  2. NDC fools wicked people nation enemy how come you support company doesn't have licence to operate NDC is disgrace to Ghana

  3. Look if you lose your job in Greece,they give money according to the tax you have paid ,from one month to twelve month pay.after that they will not give you money again,they help you to get job or yoursel to get job.For Children every month.

  4. NDC need to learn from these guys. This is what opposition should be!! Build on the good and criticize the bad. Not always dissing every effort.

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