? Get Out Review – More Than A Political Piece?

By the way there’s no story spoilers in this video I’m literally just talking about the production quality and politics. So let me set the scene, it’s an evening and I’ve gone to the cinema with my girlfriend. We’re going to see Get Out, which is a horror film directed by Jordan Peele of Comedy Central acclaim. He’s in a few sketch shows on that network but this is his debut as a film director. Now I’m a little bit skeptical about the film, a little bit nervous too I don’t know if I’ve just wasted six pounds and this is because I’ve seen attempts at putting political commentary into films and they can come across a little bit ham-fisted [PIG SQUEALING WITH MEAT-BEATING SFX] Such as Gen Zed or the recent PEPSI advert where the production quality or the message can kind of be the only focus depending upon who’s making it. Usually the production quality or the script or even the editing suffer to the detriment of the message that they’re trying to convey and there’s a case even to argue that Bioware did this recently with Mass Effect Andromeda. So back on to Get Out. Did the film suffer script-wise, editing-wise production quality-wise all that stuff due to the political message they were trying to convey? No The film is actually very well made on a technical level, it’s very suspenseful, the script is very good, the visual effects are great, the practical effects are great actually as well. There’s a bit of gore in this, there’s a bit of horror, there’s a very uneasy feeling throughout most of the film and it’s genuinely done very well, even the acting is top notch. As for the political message I didn’t actually mind it. It was talking about something that we don’t very often see which is the sort of racism that you get from liberal people who are….. I don’t know whether they’re trying their best or they’re just trying to virtue signal and it winds up coming off the wrong way with black people. Whereas they want to be treat like a normal person and not just somebody who can be told “I would have voted for Obama a third time” again and again and again to try and make them feel better about their own politics. if you want my opinion on Obama, I didn’t like him as president. I thought he was kind of shocking when it came to foreign affairs and this is the kind of thing that the film is sort of talking about, is the people will ignore what he did in Syria completely just because they want to say we voted for a black president. It’s the kind of people that will play demographic and identity politics with people who don’t. Because a lot of the time within this film the main character is basically a black guy who seems to be a bit fed up talking about his race and being treat poorly by people and being as if the fact that he’s black is the only thing that matters. There’s actually seen in this which does it quite well we’re the only person who doesn’t talk about his race is a blind guy and that’s the thing and it’s…. you can see the disappointment in this characters eyes when he’s like “Oh this guy’s interested in photography and who I am” and then he finds out he’s blind and you can see him go *sigh* and that’s something else I have to commend the film and the script writing for, it was very much a show don’t tell kind of affair whereas it wasn’t the characters telling you how hard done they’ve been treated by.Iit was kind of done through the acting and providing examples and just showing you sort of shit that some people can say and that was something I actually liked, it wasn’t actively attacking a specific group of people it was showing you bad examples of how certain people were acting and that was fine to be honest. It’s a refreshing change in my opinion and even the director has said that he’s not out to alienate people with this he’s trying to get people to be able to relate to the film and he’s actually said that he wanted to make a film that stands on its own as a horror film as well as a piece of political commentary. The political commentary, while you might not agree with it, is done very well as is the rest of the production quality. It’s got comedy elements, it’s got harder elements, it’s got gore in it and I liked it, it was good. It’s worth seeing [MORE PIG NOISES]

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