​Joke’s on Trump? World leaders react after hot-mic controversy

Well, he’s two faced. And honestly, Trudeau he’s a nice guy. I find him to be a very nice guy
but you know, the truth is that I called him out on the fact that
he’s not paying 2% and I guess he’s not very happy about it. Last night, I made a reference to
the fact that there was an unscheduled press conference
before my meeting with president Trump and I was happy to take part of it
but it was certainly notable. I think every different leader has teams
who every now and then have their jaws drop at unscheduled surprises like that
video itself, for example. You’ve been pictured in this Buckingham
Palace reception with prime minister Trudeau and others, apparently having a joke,
maybe at Mr Trump’s expense. Do you not take president Trump seriously? No, that’s complete nonsense and I
don’t know where thats come from.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Trump – the illegitimate draft dodging lying coward under Impeachment and soon going to Prison is trying to get his Impeachment off the media.

  2. Is the U.K. such a weak nation that their PM needs to lie about their comments concerning a certain Clown in Chief?

  3. 1:35 Boris looks like he's recovering from a very bad hung-over. Lmao
    Don't know why this such a bid deal anyway, they shouldn't roast each other just because they leaders?
    Just humour… LOL

  4. A plane was about to crash, there were four passengers on the plane: Lebron James, President Donald Trump, the Pope, a small boy and only three parachutes. Lebron said "i am the greatest basketball player in the NBA , the Lakers and my millions of fans need me" so he took 1st pack and leaped from the plane. Donald Trump then said " I am the President of the United States, i am the smartest President in American History, the Republicans and those who voted for me don't want me to die" so he grabbed a pack and leaped from the plane. the Pope looked at the boy and said, "my son, take the third pack , i am old and not many years left, you are young with many years ahead of you, take the last parachute" the little boy smiled and replied "its ok your holiness, there is a parachute for both of us, America's smartest president took my school bag"

  5. Oh man, this is funny but also shitty. Trump gets mad. Has a temper tantrum then storms off. So we have an escalation in trade conflicts and who pays? The citizens…. Come on guys. We elected you to positions of power. Try to be professional

  6. Hilarious! Trump ‘The Great Uniter of the Free World!’ has managed to unite Europe and NATO …if only in their disdain for the US. Now he really deserves a Nobel Prize.

  7. Instead of pretending it didn't happen, just be upfront and say "yes he's a complete joke, however as world leaders we should have been more professional and will refrain from doing that in the future." That shows honesty, without backing down, and it also acknowledges the embarrassment of being caught out like that.

  8. With everything that’s going on the guardian highlights this ….. it’s pathetic , the quality of our media is about the same as our politicians – Pathetic 💩💩💩💩

  9. It's funny how they disregard their comments. Say it to his face if you're a man. I don't care whom you're speaking about. If you have an issue, say it to the man. Not behind the man's back.

  10. Chump always gonna be late cos it takes hours to fix his hair. He best shave it off and wear a syrrup. I'm sure he could have one made in the same style, so nobody would ever know.🤔😅

  11. Just pay your 2% Justin.
    What times are we living in where a candid conversation where nothing important or even insulting for that matter was said yet this make headlines.

  12. Awwww….diddums…..did twump get his widdle feewins hurt cuz da big boyz made fun of him? Now he knows how it feels,huh!! If he don't like it…..he can always go back to america, right? 😏😉😋

  13. Boris Johnson – sacked from 2 jobs for lying. That's why he toadies up to trump so much – a kindred spirit.
    Boris the liar is selling the U.K. down the river to trump's cronies.

  14. The Prime minister is a joke. He is like a little girl who just loves to gossip. How about pay your 2% like what was brought up instead of being a 2 face about a President that is actually working for his country.

  15. Trump was crushed. Look at his eyes immediately after he calls The kid “two faced”. So he flew away like the strong leader of a country that the world now respects!🤦‍♂️ he walked away from there without even considering putting his hurt feeling aside and doing the business of the country. It was a fkn lose lose situation. He left and now we’re weaker for it or he stayed and he did our business and were weaker for it! 😕

  16. This is the price the US pays when you don't stop a train wreck of a president! That's damage to the US reputation that's unrecóverable. 🙄

  17. What's this? The media exaggerating the importance of something mundane and pointless to distract from important matters?

    How shocking!

  18. Johnson is adopting Trump's tactic: I have no idea what you are talking about! I wasn't talking to anybody! NATO? I don't even know what that is, never heard of it!

  19. Trump cuts short Nato summit after fellow leaders' hot-mic video https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/dec/04/trump-describes-trudeau-as-two-faced-over-nato-hot-mic-video

  20. This is news? The Guardian used to be a great newspaper but I'm sure the journalists with integrity from yesteryear will be turning in their graves if they knew it had turned into such a pathetic comic. They have become deceptive, and pander to people's paranoia about Trump, but I'm sure they're doing financially well out of it.

  21. Trump could have solved all of this by joking back something like, at least my 45 minutes is spent answering to the people, and not in front of the mirror… but no. he had to make a big deal over it like a little baby. come on grow up. and as a canadian I think that Justin could have done better on this one. There are people in detention camps and lots of important things going on. lets keep our eyes on the puck.

  22. Yep, T. is himself a joke, has been from the very beginning of his panto in the White House. Obviously, he suits the toxic interests of some ( a rich and arrogant minority don't care for the planet or humanity).

  23. PAB(what crissy tigen named him) was hurt because someone was talking about him? Rotffl, I do love these kinds of moments when dough boy thinks he's going to walk into a meeting & people would stand up & cheer for him…Nope not this asswipe in chief, not this time..I don't care do you?

  24. These people are spending our money and they have no better sense than this??? Dont think for a minute the Trump got his feelings hurt, he is used to the behind your back talk. He wants a better deal for US.

  25. The guardian is a joke are you trying to cause trouble between the uk and America. Donald trump is well respected by us in the uk and we love our allies the Americans so to the guardian stop causing problems. We in the uk don't like Boris so the jokes on him.

  26. So, when Trump, makes fun of others it's okay but his the one Laughton he doesn't like it well now you know it feels cry baby.

  27. What saddens me is that Trump single handedly Destroyed the Most Respected Position in the world. He is a disgusting man who cares only about himself. He is unamerican on all levels. To his supporters, you are UnAmerican too. Shame on u.
    Trump, Karma just started.

  28. Trump did this to Korea president. He hold the press conference while S.Korea president was waiting for him in front of him for 40 mins. So rude and arrogant. No wonder if S.Korea wants to be close to China than Trump. LoL

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