టీడీపీ ఎమ్మెల్యే ల సస్పెన్షన్ పై | KSR Comment On TDP Senior Leaders Suspension In AP Assembly

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Maurice Vega

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  1. So Miku irritation vosthey suspend chestharu anamata…..Rey adey Pani tdp vallu chesthey gonthu nokuthunaru anav ga. Mike evaledu Ani asalu assembly ki raledu…..ohh sorry mla Ni tiskunaduku kafa

  2. Sir feeling too entoo Mandi ennoo antaaru merelaa frankgaa undatamtoo vaare samaajikavargamlo koodaa good persons unnaarani samaajam anukuntundane meeku marustunnaaru.you are right from the beginning.

  3. Kommineniga neevi jagangadiki gulamgiri chesukuntune vundura burraleni vedhava nee 420gadu yemi chesina manchigane anipisthundhi neevu pathrica rangamlo chedabuttinavu

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